Helpful Support for Middle & High School Kids with ADHD/LD

December 10, 2012



High school teacher, Earl Chen, shared this strategy that he uses to support his students with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities.  He helps students in need of daily reminders to create a 1-page list of materials and items required for each of the classes in their schedule.  (See sample attached.)  I think this is a great aid for middle and high school kids who have difficulty with organization and remembering what they need to bring to each of their different classes every day.  Of course, coming unprepared to class significantly impacts students’ academic success.  I recommend that a copy of this Daily Reminders Items List be kept in a few visible locations (front page of their binders, laminated and posted in their locker, posted at home, and on computer or other electronic device that the student is using).


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