How to Reach and Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom

Practical Strategies, Lessons, and Activities

Second Edition


This thoroughly updated edition of a top-selling resource gives all classroom teachers, special educators, administrators, and parents an arsenal of adaptable and ready-to-use strategies, lessons, and activities for reaching students with varied learning styles, ability levels, skills, and behaviors. Focusing on the “whole child” and offering a team approach that includes parents, colleagues, and learning specialists, the authors enable teachers to guide diverse types of students in the 3rd-8th grades toward academic, social, and emotional success.

Excerpt from Foreword by Dr. Robert Brooks:

“As was true of the first edition, this book is a treasure, to be read and then read again. It is a book that makes a major contribution to the field of education…, offers a plethora of useful techniques and strategies,…reminds us of the interpersonal foundation involved in learning, and of the excitement and gift of teaching. This book is must reading.”

Chapter titles:

  1. Reaching All Students Through Differentiated Instruction
  2. Reaching Students Through Their Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
  3. Understanding and Reaching Special Populations of Students (LD, AD/HD, Other Mental Health Disorders in Children, Asperger’s Syndrome, ELL, Gifted and Talented, Dual or Multiple Exceptionalities)
  4. Understanding Reading and Writing Difficulties in Students
  5. Using Accommodations, Modifications, and Supports
  6. Managing Behavior Through Support and Interventions
  7. Questioning and Engaging Students
  8. Fostering Students’ Self-Esteem and Resilience
  9. Increasing Home-School Collaboration and Parent Involvement
  10. Working to Improve Organization, Time Management, and Homework Success
  11. Hooking in Reluctant Readers and Writers
  12. Making Oral Language Come Alive in Your Classroom
  13. Revvin’ Up the Content Areas
  14. Motivating Students to Be Successful Mathematicians
  15. Making the Most of Music and Art in the Classroom

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