How to Raise Achievement and
Support ‘At-Risk’ Students

This video provides a step-by-step blueprint for transforming schools, accelerating achievement, and providing significant interventions for ‘at-risk’ students within the general education program.  Featuring an award-winning elementary school, which made the transformation within a short period of time into a California Distinguished School and National Title I Achieving School.  View Key steps, procedures, and strategies for creating a safe, respectful, and high achieving school

Video Outline and Contents

Introduction (4 min.)

Creating the Climate for Success (16 minutes): This powerful section on establishing a safe and positive climate is a must for teachers.  It is broken down into 3 sections:

  • Structuring the Classroom Climate
  • Structuring the Climate through Schoolwide Programs
  • Structuring Transitional Times of the School Day

Accountability and Planning (6 minutes): Utilizing data to address school wide needs (e.g., identifying ‘at-risk’ students, establishing school safety-nets/interventions)

Implementation of an Effective Literacy Program (8.5 min.): Restructuring the literacy program for maximum impact

Among other topics, view K-5 classroom instruction during each component of  3-hour balanced literacy block (Note: The companion video Successful Classrooms: Effective Teaching Strategies for Raising Achievement in Reading and Writing  goes into depth on these various components and literacy strategies that are briefly introduced in this section).

Support Systems and Programs (16 minutes):

  • Brainstorming and implementing student supports and accommodations
  • 3-tiered pre-referral process that maximizes targeted intervention plans for students in need of support
  • School wide Safety Nets (academic, social-emotional, other)