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Fun Ways to Boost Your Child’s Math Skills This Summer (and Beyond)

Research shows that there is an approximate 2 month loss of math skills for most all kids over the summer when they don’t practice and use math.  There are many ways to prevent this “summer slide”  and boost your child’s skills through math games, motivating ways to practice, and activities that involve “real life application” […]

Summer Tips for Helping Your Struggling/Reluctant Writer (Part 1)

   by Sandra Rief For kids who resist writing because it is difficult for them (as is the case for many with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities), it is not easy to motivate them to write over the summer.  During the school year much of what students write are assignments from their teachers that address various […]

Motivate Your Child to Read This Summer: Tips for Parents of Reluctant or Struggling Readers

 by Sandra Rief Is your child a struggling or reluctant reader?  If so, getting your son or daughter to read over the summer is a challenge.  Here are some tips, strategies, and resources that should help motivate your child to read and enjoy doing so:     Find Books of Interest       Finding the […]