What Attendees Say About Sandra’s Presentations


“An inspiring, informative, idea-filled day” – K-1 teacher, St. Louis, MO

“A must see seminar for classroom and special education teachers.” – 5th grade teacher, Bakersfield, CA

“Great ideas and resources to take back to the classroom. The strategies will be helpful for my general ed students along with my special ed students.” – 4th grade teacher, San Marcos, CA

“Absolutely wonderful! Informative and engaging” – 2nd grade teacher, Jackson Hole, WY

“Many teachers are not trained in special ed strategies. This information will be taken back and shared with campus.  I want to bring Sandra to our school for professional development of all my staff.” – Elementary school principal, Houston, TX

“Using Sandra’s strategies, I know I will be a better teacher to my special needs kids” – 3rd grade teacher, Portland, OR

“I learned so much and really enjoyed the day.  Thanks so much!” – Paraeducator, Madison, WI

“Thank you for delivering so many practical ideas to bring more academic success to kids with ADHD & LD.” – Resource Specialist, Los Angeles, CA

“Awesome!” Thanks for the extensive handouts and all the information and practical strategies you shared.” – Kindergarten teacher, Riverside, CA

“I will have wonderful new strategies to try in my class and to share with other teachers in my school!” – 6th grade teacher, Roosevelt, NY

“It was very informative and I will take away and use the strategies you have given us.” – 7th grade teacher, Minneapolis, MN

“Great! Great! Great! Terrific ideas, research based, well-planned and inspiring”  – School counselor, Tacoma, WA

“Wow! I’m taking back lots of great ideas and useful tools I can share with teachers at grade level and IST (instructional support team) meetings” – Assistant principal, Bronx, NY

“As a parent of a child with ADHD and teacher, I am so grateful that our district brought Sandra.  I wish that every teacher in every school could hear Sandra and be provided this training.”  – Parent & 9th grade teacher, Middleton, WI      

“Solid ideas for keeping classrooms positive and supportive so kids with ADHD, LD and other disabilities can succeed” – 7th grade teacher, Malibu, CA

“A lot of meat and very valuable strategies” – 4th grade teacher, Norfolk, VA

“Very interesting and useful! Energetic, dynamic presenter” –  5th grade teacher, Hoopa, CA

“Immediate, applicable strategies” – 2nd grade teacher, Anaheim, CA

“Wonderful specific strategies and handouts/tools I can use with my kiddos” – 3rd grade teacher, Waukegan, IL

“Thanks for an exhilarating day.  I’m pumped up and anxious to try out some of these strategies with my students.” – “1st grade teacher, Washington DC

“Useful take back to my classroom strategies for all students – not just those with special needs.” – 6th grade teacher, Bronx, NY

“Great workshop and motivating day.  So many great ideas I want to try with my students. Videos showing real teachers in classrooms actually using strategies was very helpful.” – 1st grade teacher, Minneapolis, MN

“Great! Very concrete and user-friendly strategies.” – 5th grade teacher, Portland, OR

“Excellent presentation!  Sandra provides a treasure chest of strategies and information.” – School psychologist, St. Louis, MO

“I can’t wait to share some of these great ideas with my colleagues and some of my students’ parents.” – 6th grade teacher, Long Branch, NJ

“Lots of great concrete ideas I’m going to use at home with my ADHD son and share with his teacher!” – Parent, Fresno, CA

“The strategies shared are so useful, practical, and doable.” – Special education teacher, Tuscon, AZ

“Sandra is so knowledgeable and motivating.  Great presenter.” – Parent, San Diego, CA

“Lots of useful, relevant, and practical information.  Thanks for the great day!” – 5th grade teacher, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Extremely informative and insightful.  I really needed the motivation and inspiration at this time of the school year!” – 2nd grade teacher, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I’ve used Sandra’s books for years and have always wanted to hear her speak.  This day was awesome!” – Resource teacher, Arlington, VA

“There were so many great instructional strategies I learned that will be beneficial for not just those children with LD & ADHD, but for all my students.” – 4th grade teacher, Waukegan, IL

“Lots of great tips, good advice, and down to earth techniques I can use in the classroom” – 3rd grade teacher, Chicago, IL

“The tactics and recommendations Sandra shared are wonderful.”  – Special education teacher, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Great tools and information that will be very useful.  Thanks!”  – School psychologist, Nashville, TN

“Excellent delivery of information. Good practical ideas that can be implemented easily in classrooms.” – School counselor, Bronx, NY

“Excellent!  We loved all the research-based cutting-edge strategies and great handouts. This is why we traveled 6 ½ hrs.- for a quality conference. Please invite her back!” – Assistant Principal, Albuquerque, NM

“I teach 9th grade but this was very helpful.  This session should have been advertised for all teachers K-12 (not just K-8).” – 9th grade teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“Skillful, knowledgeable, dynamic presenter.”  – Occupational therapist, Cincinnati, OH

“Sandra is very sincere and walks the walk.  Great information and resources I know I’ll be using to help my kids and share with their families.” – Columbia, SC