Best practices and effective strategies to reach and teach students with attention
deficit disorders in the general education classroom

Video Outline and Contents

This video (1995) describes classroom modifications, teaching strategies, and interventions you can use to maximize learning and ensure that all students achieve success. You will be viewing teachers in real public school classrooms utilizing numerous proven techniques addressing the following seven elements for success:

  • Getting and Maintaining Attention
  • Classroom Management
  • Active Learning & High Response Opportunities
  • Building Organization and Study Skills
  • Multisensory Instruction and Learning Style Accommodations
  • Written Output Modifications
  • Collaborative Practices

Has been used for staff development and teacher in training in thousands of schools throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This DVD was updated in 2008 and includes Response To Intervention ( RTI ). It’s new name is ADHD & LD Powerful Teaching Strategies and Accommodations (K-8)

ADHD & LD: Powerful Teaching Strategies and Accommodations with RTI (Response to Intervention)