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The Dyslexia Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers    

(2010, by Sandra Rief & Judith Stern)

“The authors have compiled a very comprehensive and current list of resources for parents, teachers, and clinicians involved with the prevention and remediation of dyslexia. This is a valuable and unique contribution to the field.”

– Louisa C. Moats, EdD, nationally known authority on literacy and author, Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers

“Comprehensive and accessible…The Dyslexia Checklist presents a clear delineation of areas that must be addressed in literacy instruction. Each section describes the literacy component, provides useful background information – including a solid research base for each component – and lists helpful activities that can be used to teach skills and strategies to introduce lessons and strengthen learning. Classroom teachers, learning specialists, administrators, and parents will find this straightforward guide indispensable as a resource compendium and as a professional development tool.”

– Esther Klein Friedman, PhD, Director, Academic Intervention Services, New York City Department of Education

“Contains the hottest topics and information for understanding, supporting, and teaching children with dyslexia. The authors’ knowledge, practical focus, and down-to-earth strategies make this book an essential read for educators and parents.”

– William N. Bender, PhD, co-author, Reading Strategies for Elementary Students with Learning Difficulties, 2nd edition and Response to Intervention: A Practical Guide for Every Teacher

“Offers educators and parents a comprehensive overview of the skills a dyslexic needs for success, plus effective strategies and techniques to empower students.”

– Jone Bycel, MS, BCET, board-certified educational therapist

“This book is exactly what it says on the cover – a practical reference for parents and teachers of children with Dyslexia (and to some extent of others with learning disabilities)…
Bottom Line: All in all, this is a book that delivers on it’s promise on the cover. Regardless if they’ve read other books on the topic, I’d recommend it to anyone who have or think they may have a dyslexic child as a go-to reference book filled with solid approaches to problems and practical advice.”
– J. Lee, Houston, TX reader review on Amazon

 “I’m a special educator. I have other books on this subject area (dyslexia, reading problems and language-related disorders.) This one is very useful for a couple of reasons. Although it is not exhaustive and it is nowhere near comprehensive, it is well organized and can be used quickly. The bullet-point outline format makes it easy to find things. I also really like the bibliographies and reference sections.” – A.D. Boorman, reader review on Amazon

“When my daughter was in second grade, she was diagnosed as having dyslexia and dysgraphia. Thus began a multi-year odyssey in trying to understand how best to help her, how to deal with an ineffective and stultifying public school bureaucracy and how to navigate the legal complexities of the special ed world. I wish this book had been available then. In a single volume, this book summarizes vast amounts of information and gives the parent a quick and coherent grounding in the fundamentals of dyslexia, dysgraphia and learning disabilities.”  –  Reader review from Texas Hill Country on Amazon

“Anyone who works with children who have dyslexia will feel like they can see the light at the end of the tunnel after reading this book because it is filled with practical, hands-on activities that really work! And, because the lists of resources are so comprehensive, if there are any particular areas you would want to learn about more in depth, this book guides you as to how to find the information. I know I will refer to The Dyslexia Checklist often in my tutoring practice.”   – Liz, Potomac, MD reader review on Amazon

“While the title refers to a single checklist, this book is, in reality, a large collection of checklists covering everything from basic information about dyslexia, strategies for coping and lists of specific suggestions for both teachers and parents. These lists provide a wealth of information about what dyslexia is as well as approaches that can help students with this learning disability adapt and overcome the difficulties it presents…” – Alexandria, VA reader review on Amazon

The ADD/ADHD Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents & Teachers,  2nd Edition  (2008, by Sandra Rief)

“One of the most comprehensive ADHD reference guides ever compiled…this book belongs in your ADHD resource library.”

– Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. co-author of Understanding Girls with AD/HD

“This exceptional book has so many lists brimming with helpful tips, valuable insights, and useful strategies that it deserves to be on everyone’s short list of great ADHD books!”

– Andrew Adesman, M.D., Chief, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, Schneider Children’s Hospital, NY.

“An extremely valuable and user-friendly guide for parents, teachers, and professionals to understand, treat, parent, and educate children with ADHD.”

–       Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., co-author of Raising Resilient Children and Raising a Self-Disciplined Child

This book is an excellent read and reference tool for parents and teachers who have children with ADD/ADHD. I have this book tabbed and use as both a parent and teacher.”-Anita K. Vossen  (See this and other reader reviews on Amazon.)

 “I picked up this book in order to research ADD/ADHD in response to my child’s teachers suggestions that he may be such a child. This book is written in such clear terms that it de-mystifies this all enveloping area. It contains simple to follow checklists. But its best feature for parents are the numerous suggestions for supporting your child at home and at school.” – Reader review on Amazon

“This is an excellent, reader-friendly guide to ADD/ADHD. It is useful for parents and teachers alike, and it allows the reader to get answers to their questions quickly by simply looking through the detailed subject index to their specific issue… As an educator with experience dealing with ADHD children, I highly recommend this book. – Rebecca M., Texas, reader review on Amazon

I have purchased many books on ADD/ADHD, and have found this one to be the best! The rest of the books on ADD have all found their way to the tip or to fete bookstores over the years. This book provides both practical and detailed advice for parents in the form of useful checklists. Other books on this subject matter tend to be too fatalistic and theoretical. This is pro-active and practical! I thoroughly recommend this book.”Enid, reader review from Australia on Amazon

“This book is an excellent read and reference tool for parents and teachers who have children with ADD/ADHD. I have this book tabbed and use as both a parent and teacher.” Anita V., reader review on Amazon

I LOVE this book. I purchased this to gain a better understanding of my son’s ADHD. I have read TONS of books on this topic and I found this to be very user friendly. It would be beneficial for teachers and parents. Great tips to share with teachers. Highly recommend this book.” – reader review on Amazon

“I have a 5 year old son who was just diagnosed with ADHD. We bought several books on the subject but I thought this was the best. It is straightforward, easy to read, well organized and full of many useful facts. It has really helped us understand the disease better. We have been able to make some positive changes both at school and home. I would definitely recommend this book.– Susan S., reader review on Amazon


How to Reach & Teach Children with ADD/ADHD: Practical Techniques, Strategies, & Interventions, 2nd ed.
Best seller – over 300,000 sold 
(2005, by Sandra Rief)

“It is both a pleasure and a privilege to provide this strong and unequivocal endorsement of so informative and consumer friendly a book as this one. Grounded in the latest science of ADHD, filled with exceptionally detailed advice for parents, and in a common-sense, no-nonsense writing style, parents and educators will find this book to be highly useful in raising a successful ADHD child.”

– Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Univ. of South Carolina, and author of Taking Charge of ADHD

“Sandra Rief is one of the most astute as well as compassionate voices in the world about ADHD. She really gets it, and this book will give you what she gets.  A wonderful contribution and valuable, practical resource for all teachers, parents, and clinicians.”

– Edward Hallowell, M.D., author, When You Worry About the Child You Love and Driven to Distraction

“For over a decade, Sandra Rief’s How to Reach and Teach Children with ADD/ADHD has been the most definitive and user-friendly ‘go-to’ guide for teachers and parents eager to help children with ADHD succeed in school, home, and life overall. Now updated with the latest research findings from the last ten years, this book outstrips even the original. Unlike so many other volumes, this book is hands-on, well-organized, extremely readable, and full of the kind of wise, practical advice that only comes from someone who has been there (and continues to be there!) helping teachers, parents, children, and youth struggling with ADHD. I especially like the focus on different ages, school settings, and subjects. My highest recommendation for this book, and my greatest praise for Sandra making this invaluable resource available!”
– Peter S. Jensen, M.D., director, Center for the Advancement of Children’s Mental Health and Ruane Professor of Child Psychiatry at Columbia University

“This valuable resource should be at every teacher’s fingertips! Sandra Rief offers current research-based strategies and information on ADHD that are a must read for every educator.”
-Ellen Stantus, special education director, Davis School District, Farmington, Utah

“This book not only addresses the latest research on this neuro-biological difference, but goes further by offering creative strategies for home and school in order to help these students reach their full potential. As always, Sandra Rief fills her book with what to do about it.”
-Jill Murphy, special educator, ADHD life skills and academic coach, ADD Resources Parent Support, and mother of two children with ADD/ADHD, Bonney Lake, Washington

“This valuable book should be read by all parents and teachers. Every student can benefit from the strategies in Sandra Rief’s book, not just students with ADD/ADHD. I am a HS teacher and a parent, and I constantly refer to the tools and ideas in this book. It is the best resource I have found for effective teaching of ALL students.  I would go so far as to say this book should be required reading for all teachers. I have shared it with some of the newer teachers in my school and they are amazed by how practical and informative it is. Again, this is an exceptional resource for all children, not just those with ADD/ADHD.”L. Hanellin, reader review on Amazon

“Practical, easy to follow, hands on ideas regarding teaching children with ADD / ADHD in the classroom. The information and ideas in this book have helped me deal more effectively with all children, including those with ADD / ADHD.” – Janette Thompson, Perth, Australia reader review on Amazon

All parents and teachers who encounter students with ADD and ADHD must own this book. It is like my ADD bible. All parents and teachers who encounter students with ADD and ADHD must own this book. It is like my ADD bible.” – Cathy Hudson, West Virginia reader review on Amazon

“My daughter’s teacher loaned me this book after I shared with her my frustration over understanding “how” my daughter thinks and how to help her with her homework and life in general. If you don’t have ADD you can’t understand why things that seem perfectly logical to you make no sense what so ever to the person with ADD. I sat down thinking I would flip through and read a few passages…I’ve been reading for two hours now and an hour ago got paper and pen to start taking notes. There are too many notes! I’m now ordering the book for myself. I have read many books on ADD and this is the first one I’ve found that gives clear detailed advice on ways to “teach” your child some impulse control, and help her improve her concentration and study skills….” – T.L. Frameli (reader review on Amazon)

How to Reach & Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom, 2nd edition (2006, by Sandra Rief & Julie Heimburge)

“Steer your students toward academic, social, and emotional success regardless of their learning styles, ability levels, skills, and behaviors. This book provides strategies and activities to differentiated instruction,engage reluctant readers and writers, boost organization and study skills and more.” – Learning Journal, Back-to-School 2007

“Rief and Heimburge have included ideas for students with a wide array of learning challenges such as Bipolar disorders, nonverbal LD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ODD. Teachers will find this book invaluable in the classroom!”Dr. William N. Bender, author, Differentiating Math Instruction: Strategies That Work for K-8 Classrooms!

“Motivating and educating today’s students requires an artful blend of science and time-proven strategies. Sandra Rief and Julie Heimburge’s new volume stands as a testament to the very best of this model. This wise and practical resource for educators committed to developing the best in every student is superb.”
—Dr. Sam Goldstein, coauthor, Understanding and Managing Children’s Classroom Behavior, 2nd Edition

“This best-practice toolkit for reaching and teaching all students—including those at-risk—is practical, easy to use, and highly effective.”
Greg Greicius, senior vice president for education, Turnaround for Children, New York City

“After reviewing several books on inclusion, I decided How to Reach and Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom had all I was looking for. The activities, lessons, and strategies are modified for various learners with diverse learning styles. This book is a must-have for all educators!”
—Michelle Hammer, middle school inclusion class teacher

“Rief and Heimburge’s new work provides the novice/beginning and experienced professional educator with a plethora of valuable ideas and techniques for promoting prosocial behaviors in school, and raising the academic achievement of all learners.”
—Dr. Bob Bayuk, school psychologist and past president of Wyoming School Psychology Association

“This book is an excellent resource for general education teachers, as well as special education teachers. It is full of reproducible forms and activities. And what I like about the “activities” is that they aren’t just all worksheets like many books of this type are…..many are directions for doing an activity. The philosophy the writers have regarding special education is so common sense and so student centered. It isn’t just about doing what is required by law (federal, state, district). It is about understanding that ALL students deserve to learn.” – K. Knox, North Attleboro, MA reader review on Amazon


How to Reach and Teach All Children Through Balanced Literacy (2007, Sandra F. Rief & Julie A. Heimburge)

“I enthusiastically endorse Rief and Heimburge’s book How to Reach and Teach All Children Through Balanced Literacy. The volume is comprehensive dealing with important issues about literacy instruction. It provides research-based practice that is reader friendly with strategies perfect for classroom use. It is a pleasure to see topics such as setting up the classroom environment, making oral language a priority, a thematic approach to literacy instruction as part of a book that deals with children in grades 3 to 8. Most often they are not dealt with in the upper elementary grades and are so important. A wealth of information for the new and experienced teacher is dealt with in this book.”

—Lesley Mandel Morrow, Ph.D., professor of literacy, Rutgers, and past president, International Reading Association

“It truly is a pleasure to have a ‘how-to’ guide to support teachers in implementing the components of the reading and writing workshop. The authors clearly scaffold teachers’ learning by describing what each component is and how to provide concrete instructional strategies that will develop independent, life-long readers and writers. ‘How to Reach and Teach All Children Through Balanced Literacy’ is an excellent resource in helping teachers become experts at what they are teaching, what the intended student learning is, and the skills, concepts, and habits we want our children to develop. This is a true must-read for all teachers of literacy.”

—Sonia Menendez, New York City Department of Education, local instructional superintendent, Region 1, Bronx, NY

“Is it possible to meet the needs of every student in the upper-grade language arts classroom? This dynamic book details every aspect of a balanced literacy program, as well as provides a wealth of strategies and activities that work! A must for any teacher trying to bridge the gap between slower-progressing and advanced learners.”

—Nancy Fetzer, M.A., author, Writing Connections and Reading Connections

“Sandra Rief and Julie Heimburge’s years of experience teaching diverse learners have uniquely informed their work on balanced literacy, effectively addressing the ever-widening spectrum of needs in classrooms today. All my staff, both general and special education, will want to read this latest book.”

—Dayla Sims, Ed.D., principal, Roosevelt-Carson Elementary School, Lawndale, California

“This book should be on every teacher’s desk; it is an invaluable resource for effective reading and writing strategies and helpful classroom ideas! Like a good piece of chocolate cake, it’s rich in texture, has many delicious layers, and is chock full of tasty advice.”

—Arlyne Skolnik, reading teacher, Long Beach School District, New York

“Brimming with effective approaches to word study, vocabulary, and fluency development. Rief and Heimburge provide a menu of effective word study strategies; each one is instructionally sound and reliable. Collectively, this menu provides a blend of skill practice and challenge, while at the same time allowing for the social interaction children and young adolescents need. Offers a wealth of useful tips for teachers.”

—Susan Ebbers, reading specialist and author, Vocabulary Through Morphemes

“Sandra Rief and Julie Heimburge detail the complexity of reading and writing difficulties from a balanced view of research and the reality of teaching students who struggle to learn. Teachers will greatly benefit from the thorough coverage of the struggling reader within this text.”

—Joyce Wheaton, professor, Frostburg State University, and chair. Balanced Reading Instruction Special Interest Group, International Reading Association

 “This was a great resource. I am in a masters program and I was working on a paper. I fell upon this resource and it has excellent, practical ideas. These ideas are feasible to do in the classroom as well as beneficial to students.”  – Anastasia (reader review on Amazon)



THE ADHD BOOK OF LISTS:  A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders (by Sandra Rief)

“When Sandra Rief writes about ADHD and educational issues, people listen! Rief, widely recognized as the leading authority on these topics, has an extraordinary gift for identifying key challenges and providing practical, effective tips for helping children succeed in school. Her latest book, The ADHD Book of Lists, is another indispensable tool for both parents and teachers! As the author of two popular books on ADHD, I always use Sandra’s books as primary references.”

— Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, author, Teenagers with ADD and Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD

“Educating ADHD kids can be a real challenge for everyone involved. The ADHD Book of Lists combines Sandra Rief’s classroom-proven techniques with current information about this condition and should be required reading for all teachers and parents of ADHD children.”

— Harlan R. Gephart, M.D., Center for ADHD, Bellevue, Washington

“If you are looking for information, tips, strategies, interventions, references and tools to help your child or student with ADHD, Sandra Rief’s book has it all in an easy-to-read, comprehensive encyclopedia of practical information for parents and educators. As an in-service provider, I am always looking for the right source of information, and this is the book I have been waiting for!”

— Beth A. Kaplanek, RN, BSN, advocate, parent of an ADHD Child, and former national president of CHADD

“Look no more— this is it! This book is the consummate resource for finding everything you want to know about ADHD— from diagnosis to intervention. Valuable for both parents and professionals.”

— Ginger E. Gates, Ph.D., NCSP, LSSP, school psychologist and professional development trainer, Houston, Texas

“If you buy only one book on ADD, make it this one. It is huge, comprehensive, terrifically well organized and uniquely easy to use. Because it is presented in list form, you can turn to the topic you need and get more information in two or three pages than most books contain in a 25 page chapter that takes you much, much longer to read.

And if you are a parent of a child or teen with ADD, you simply do not have extra time. You will get what you need here and get it fast.  There are even sample forms (goals sheets, behavioral records, and charts) that are easy to copy and use. This book will make your life easier!”

–       Debra Moore, Ph.D. (Sacramento, CA reader review on Amazon)

“Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive and easy-to-read book on AD/HD I have ever read. This book would be an excellent reference for any classroom with AD/HD students. The list format makes finding what you’re looking for a pleasant experience. Plus, I’ve been able to incorporate many of the strategies presented in this book, and I’m extremely pleased with the results.”

–       Sharon Brill (Los Angeles, CA reader review on Amazon)

“The text of this extensive book is easy to read, and will be an asset to any elementary teacher with ADHD students in their classroom. I like the way the lists are categorized, so it isn’t necessary to read whole chapters to find out what you are looking for.  It’s great!”  –  Fran Greene (San Diego, CA reader review on Amazon)

 “I didn’t expect this book to be so huge…in size and also in the amount of info. i just received this book today and have skimmed over most of the info in it. I have already found several pages that I will photocopy and give to my child’s teacher. The way that the information is presented is easy to follow, easy to locate, and easy to understand. Well worth the money and time spent reading it from cover to cover.” – (Rio Grande Valley, TX reader review on Amazon)



Alphabet Learning Center Activities Kit (by Nancy Fetzer & Sandra Rief)

 “I have used this book for the past 2 years with my preschool classes. The kids are learning the letters and sounds so easily and quickly. This book provides you with the necessary tools to teach to several different learning styles(visual, auditory and kinesthetic) at once. I also love how the kinesthetic cueing system focuses on the shape and movement of the mouth while forming the sound. I would recommend this book!  –   Micolby, reader review on Amazon

“I bought this book about five years ago when I started working with students in Kindergarten who were struggling with learning their letters and letter sounds. I only used one of the activities in the book (never had time to check out all the rest, but the one activity is worth the price of the book). They have a flashcard for each letter of the alphabet. One each card is the letter, a picture and a kinesthetic clue. You basically makes these cards into a flip book on a keyring and go through every day or several times a day. Anyways, kids loved it and they learned all the sounds really well. I now work with 6th grade struggling readers and use the vowel cards since these are the sounds they struggle with.”  –   Reader review on Amazon


Ready…Start…School!: Nurturing and Guiding Your Child through Preschool and Kindergarten (by Sandra Rief)

“A comprehensive parent’s guide to helping children ages 3 to 5 start out right. From fostering confidence to priming reading skills and what to do if you suspect your child has a learning disability, Ready Start School! covers it all. A special section of advice directly from interviews with preschool and kindergarten teachers makes Ready Start School! a stand-apart guide and a highly recommended “how to” reference for concerned parents.”

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) – Amazon review