Table of Contents

Section 1: Phonemic Awareness

Section 2: The Holder and Fastie Alphabet (A unique alphabet cueing system that draws child’s attention to how the sound is made and feels in the mouth) and facilitates learning and retention of letter sounds).

Section 3: Alphabet “Tubbing” Activities for Learning Centers (24 creative, hands-on ABC center activities for early childhood classrooms).

Section 4: Teaching the “Letter of the Week”

Section 5: Reading: Developing Strategy-Oriented Activities for Beginning Readers

Section 6: Writing: Developing Strategy-Oriented Activities for Beginning Writers

Section 7: Home-School Partnership: Getting Parents Involved

Section 8: Appendices

  • Spatial Anchors and Supports
  • Alphabet Lists (objects, actions, foods)
  • Strategies for Teaching High-Frequency Words
  • Tactile Strategies
  • Reading, Writing, and Learning Positions
  • Verbal Prompts for Alphabet Letter Formation
  • Teaching Consonant Digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh, ph) and inflectional ending “ing”
  • Spanish “Holder and Fastie Alphabet” chart
  • Reproducibles: Teacher Chart Cards, Listening Center/Wall-Size Cards


Reader Reviews

“This book was phenomenal! The “Holder and Fastie Alphabet” prompts greatly helped my kindergarten students in their master of letters and sounds. Their strong skills in letters and sounds was pivotal in their development as readers and writers. The literacy center activities taken from this great resource were highly motivating and exciting for my students.”

Kindergarten teacher, Los Angeles, California