Effective Teaching Strategies for Raising Achievement in Reading and Writing

Video Outline and Contents

This video demonstrates best practices and effective instructional techniques for teaching the components of a powerful literacy program. You will be viewing reading and writing instruction in K-5 classrooms at award-winning elementary school in Southern California. Numerous practical strategies and techniques across grade levels are demonstrated for teaching:

The Core (9.5 minutes): Everyone reading from same text using a variety of strategies and techniques, including some of the following:

  • Use of graphic organizers
  • Content questioning
  • Independent, partner, and buddy reading
  • Choral/unison reading
  • Teacher-guided analysis of text
  • Silent reading and signaling
  • Listening post/books on tape

Phonics and Word Study (6 min.)

  • Whole classroom strategies
  • Small group strategies

Read Aloud (3 min.)

Sustained Silent Reading (2 min.)

Guided Reading (12.5 min.)

  • Emergent reader strategies
  • Beginning/early level reader strategies
  • Fluent readers (or for below-grade level readers)

Modeled Writing (9.5 min.)

  • 1st grade level strategies
  • 3rd grade level strategies
  • 4th grade level strategies

Guided Writing (9.5 min.)

  • Emergent writer strategies
  • 2nd grade demonstration of strategies
  • 5th grade demonstration of strategies

Independent Work (4.5 minutes)