Praise for The ADHD Book of Lists, Second Edition


“Sandra Rief is a pioneer in the development and application of educational strategies for youth with ADHD across the age span. This new and improved volume is a welcome addition to my resource library. Reasoned, reasonable, well-organized, easy to follow and understand and, most importantly, consistent with the science of ADHD, Sandra’s new book is a must for all classroom and special educators.”

–       Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., ABPdN, editor in chief, Journal of Attention Disorders and co-editor in chief, Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development

“Sandra Rief has once again compiled an incredible collection of tools and resources to not only empower older students to manage their own ADHD behaviors, but also provides teachers and parents of children from preschool through high school the facts and proactive strategies necessary to turn successful children with ADHD into successful adults with ADHD.”

–       Silvia L. DeRuvo, M.A., special education specialist, WestEd Learning Innovations; author, Teaching Adolescents with ADHD and The Essential Guide to RTI

The ADHD Book of Lists stands out as a comprehensive and easy-to-read compendium of information and practical strategies. A master teacher and a leader in the field, Sandra Rief, has written a book to turn to again and again for those teaching or living with children and teens with ADHD. In this book you will find important tidbits from the latest research, reviews of tried-and-true techniques, and creative, new strategies to try out immediately. It will be one of my go-to books!”

–       Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D., clinical child psychologist; co-author, Late, Lost and Unprepared: A Parent’s Guide to Executive Functioning and Boosting Executive Skills in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Educators

“The ADHD Book of Lists provides educators and parents with an easily understandable overview of the disorder, and information on evidence-based treatment strategies to cope with its symptoms and behaviors.  This book is necessary reading and a vital tool for anyone trying to understand ADHD and how to successfully manage it.”

–       Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, Psy.D., assistant clinical professor, UCLA Semel Institute; author, The Science of Making Friends: Helping Socially Challenged Teens and Young Adults

“Sandra Rief has brought together her expert knowledge of ADHD with her extensive experience in teaching children with ADHD. Her book is comprehensive about children with ADHD and the educational techniques that are available to meet their needs. The revised edition provides the latest information about the condition such as how it is now defined in DSM-5.”

–       Mark L. Wolraich, M.D., Shaun Walters Professor of Pediatrics and Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, OU Child Study Center

The ADHD Book of Lists first written and published by Sandra Rief 10 years ago has been an incredible resource to parents of ADHD children, physicians, mental health providers, and particularly educators. It includes a great overview of the many aspects of ADHD, and how ADHD impacts behavior, learning, and maturation into adulthood. It has provided, by using a “book of lists” format, a thorough yet practical approach to all the issues that arise in these children and adolescents. And in this revised edition, Sandra takes it to a new level, particularly how the new DSM-5 guidelines open up new concepts in the understanding and care of ADHD. This invaluable resource should be utilized by all those caring for children with ADHD.”

–       Harlan R. Gephart, MD, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of Washington, Seattle