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My upcoming webinar on Teaching Kids with ADHD & EF Impairments

This is just a reminder for anybody who is still interested in registering for the webinar: On Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern Time (EST) I will be presenting a webinar on helping students with ADHD and Executive Function impairments to achieve school success. For additional information about the webinar and […]

The ADHD Book of Lists, Second Edition

      I’m happy to announce that my new edition to The ADHD Book of Lists just came out this week!  It is completely revised and updated from the first edition. Please click on the following for more information about this book: Table of Contents Endorsements Description         Share

National Resource Center on ADHD Webinar with Sandra Rief

    I will be presenting a 1-hour free webinar for the National Resource Center on AD/HD, a program of CHADD, on Wednesday, February 26, at 7:00 P.M. (Eastern Time).   This is part of their “Ask the Expert” webinar series. Topic:  ADHD in the Classroom: Management Strategies and Student Supports   Pre-registration is required for this […]

New Understanding of ADHD – It’s an “Executive Function” Disorder

    In recent years, there have been fundamental changes in our understanding of ADHD due to the tremendous advances in just the past decade of scientific research (numerous genetic and brain imaging studies ).  Although the theory that ADHD is really a disorder in the development of executive functions has been promoted for many […]

15 Tips for Dealing with Your ADHD Child’s Challenging Behavior

    1.   Kids with ADHD seek stimulation.  When your child’s behavior is pushing your buttons, avoid an explosive and emotional response…which is very stimulating.  If you react with a highly charged response, you will actually be rewarding and reinforcing your child’s misbehavior, and you can expect that the undesired behavior will continue to occur. […]

Noise Control Strategies for the Classroom

  Getting students to quiet down quickly and quietly, be aware of noise level expectations at different times of the day, and modulate their voices accordingly is important for effective classroom management.  Here are some strategies and tools for doing so:   Teach and Implement Quiet Signals 1. Auditory Quiet Signals   When teachers need […]

A Great Classroom Management Strategy (My Point/Your Point)

  I really like this class management strategy which has a number of variations in how it is implemented by teachers.  It’s a simple but effective technique that most kids buy into, and that requires no preparation time. Basically, the way it works: The teacher keeps a visible tally (e.g., on the board) of teacher points […]

Great Resources for Free Behavior Reward Charts

        Behavior charts are very useful tools for motivating children to improve behavior, do homework and complete chores.   As charts are visual, it makes it easy to communicate what behavior you are targeting for change, and to track progress.   Being able to earn a reward (that you both agree upon) is a great incentive for […]

Back to School: Organizing Tips for Parents

      To get your son or daughter in gear for this new school year,  now is the time (if you haven’t already done so) for getting organized.  This is important for all kids, but particularly so for those with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities.  Help your child be ready and off to a fresh start […]

Fun Ways to Boost Your Child’s Math Skills This Summer (and Beyond)

Research shows that there is an approximate 2 month loss of math skills for most all kids over the summer when they don’t practice and use math.  There are many ways to prevent this “summer slide”  and boost your child’s skills through math games, motivating ways to practice, and activities that involve “real life application” […]