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September 12, 2013





Behavior charts are very useful tools for motivating children to improve behavior, do homework and complete chores.   As charts are visual, it makes it easy to communicate what behavior you are targeting for change, and to track progress.   Being able to earn a reward (that you both agree upon) is a great incentive for most kids.  A reward program with behavior charts is particularly helpful for children with ADHD – who need extra motivation in order to keep up the effort to achieve goals. 

There are two websites I recommend that are a great source of behavior charts and other tools for parents.  Both provide a huge variety of FREE charts  (e.g., behavior charts, chore charts, daily routine charts) as well as behavior contracts, goal sheets, reward certificates and coupons, and tons more.  They have charts appropriate for kids of all ages ( toddlers through teens). 

Together with the charts you can set up a reward program for improving your child’s specific problematic behaviors such as:  getting ready in the morning for school, picking up clothes/toys, reducing whining and interruptions, sharing with siblings.

The following are two sources for free charts you can download, print and use to motivate your child (or student) to achieve goals. These websites are well-worth exploring. 


 In addition to their  charts, KidPointz has a free online points and reward system.  They also have an iPhone app for rewarding good behavior on the go, if you wish.  This website has a wealth of free resources that parents (and teachers) should find helpful.

Here are some examples of a few of their charts:











This website offer a great selection of behavior charts in numerous categories such as:  chore charts, step-by-step charts, homework/school charts, single behavior charts, goal setting charts.  They have charts with themes and graphics including Superheroes, NFL, NBA, Popular Book Characters, Popular TV/Movie Characters and lots more.   There are also several tools for teachers to use with individual students.  Below are a few examples:







Note:  For my free downloadable ADHD management charts and forms, click here


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