Writing Supports for Kids with ADHD or LD: Tips for Parents

October 14, 2012



Writing is a frustrating, tedious task for many kids with ADHD and Learning Disabilities, because it is so complex.   Written language involves the integration of numerous skills and processes, some of which are their areas of weakness (e.g., planning and organization, memory, spelling, attention to detail, language structure, graphomotor skills, self-monitoring, and the speed of written output.  See my blog “Why Writing is Often a Struggle for Students with ADHD and/or LD“.   The following are ways to provide effective support and help for  your child with writing assignments:


Getting them Started: Pre-Planning





Note: During the past decade or so, the trend in most school districts is that teacher assignments are designed to address the state/district content and performance standards for each grade level. Each grade has certain content and skills which must be taught, and performance criteria is given as to whether students demonstrate that skill ‘at standard’, ‘below standard’ or ‘above standard’. As a result, when giving students writing assignments, many teachers are now providing a rubric along with the assignment. A rubric is a tool for scoring/evaluating (for example, on a 1-4 or 1-5 scale) a student’s piece of work based on specific criteria that have been provided. 







More Ways to Help Them Get Started






Feedback and Editing Assistance






Ways to Help with Editing








Helping with the Final Product




Note:  Please see my Pinterest board on Writing Strategies & Activities.  It contains a lot of ideas that you may find very helpful.  http://pinterest.com/sandrarief/writing-strategies-activities/



This blog is adapted from content in my books:  How to Reach & Teach Children with ADD/ADHD and  The ADHD Book of Lists





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